Vince Peterson

campaigning for 64th Statehouse District in Columbus


He is the leader needed now to carry on and expand the good works that good people of the 64th District are accustomed to.

Vince Peterson II is actively campaigning to represent the 64th Statehouse District in Columbus.

Vince graduated with honors from Howland High School in 2008, where he was a standout football player and an integral member of the school’s track team, where he earned All-Conference and All-County accolades in both sports. He rounded out his academic and athletic high school career by being an active participant in the school’s A’ Capella choir, where he earned the leadership role of Vice President. Vince’s hard work and leadership among his peers earned him the significant distinction of ‘Who’s Who” among American high school students and American high school athletics. 

Vince carried these strong practices to his college career at Villanova University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice in 2012. While pursuing his degree, he cultivated a passion for community development. He started volunteering at the St. Barnabus Battered Women’s Shelter, as well as the Villanova Bone Marrow Drive “Get in the Game.”  Vince also continued his athletic career playing on Villanova’s first national championship football team. He expanded on his student-athlete community involvement by helping to organize and co-lead the Villanova University Student-Athlete Bible Study.

Upon his graduation from Villanova University, Vince moved back to Warren with a mission to create a positive change in the community he calls home.  He began his professional career working at Northeast Ohio Community Alternative Program as a resident supervisor. He transitioned to becoming a Parole Officer for the State of Ohio, where he worked on the FDA Task Force, Special Response Team, and Special Tactics and Response Team.  Noted for his leadership skills, in 20014, he was selected as an Agent of Change by his regional supervisor. 

As a Parole Officer, he joined his father for a meeting with Congressman Tim Ryan. He exuded such an impressive leadership repertoire that Congressman Ryan called him two weeks later, offering him the position of Constituent Liaison and field representative. Vince graciously accepted this position, and he has been working closely with Congressman Ryan and community leaders to enhance his beloved community.

Vince recognizes and actively collaborates on projects that will enrich this community, including access to healthy foods and healthy eating initiatives, addressing food deserts to remedy the deficiency of availability of quality food within the community, adequate access to addiction recovery and mental health treatment coupled with de-stigmatization initiatives, and bettering racial disparages and inequities, to name a few. 

In addition to Vince’s professional career, he has continued his devotion to his community by previously volunteering as the Youth Board Liaison for Teen Straight Talk and participating on the board for Alta Behavioral Health and the Community Foundation. He also followed in his father’s footsteps. He became a minister for Providence Baptist Church. He is simultaneously an elected member of the Board of Trustees and Treasurer of Providence Serving People, an initiative to help provide food and clothing to the homeless and low-income in the neighboring community. Because of Vince’s enthusiasm and drive to serve his community, he was selected as one of the area’s Emerging Leaders by the Wean Foundation.

I couldn’t help but smile thinking of the bright future of our home! I hope to be a part of that future.